It is our mission to bring the spirit and the sound of our inspiration Carlos Santana to every performance, every venue and each and every member of the audience. Peace, love and harmony in the spirit of Abraxas. ” - Ed Antonelli

— Abraxas

“The show transcends the listener from the ground breaking Woodstock performance through the 10 time Grammy nominated  Album Supernatural in the course of an evening.”


Abraxas excited our audience with accurate renditions of Santana's best-known hits. Guitarist Ed Antonelli displayed precise tone and feel for every note of every song. The band was spot on with organ, bass, percussion and vocals. I have seen Santana perform live and this performance measures up to that high standard. ”

— Peter Aucella-General Manager-Lowell Summer Music Series/ Lowell Festival Foundation

Striking the highest note in true artistry, guitar virtuoso Ed Antonelli pays tribute to Carlos Santana with stunning renditions of Europa, Moonflower, Samba Pa Ti and Soul Sacrifice. His singing, pulsating tone is pure and uplifting.” - Jay Mendez

— Editor- Spotlight Magazine